AARONIA and Austrian armed forces provide drone protection during Airpower22

Drone protection against unwanted drones during Airpower22 in Zeltweg, Austria, in September, was provided by a team of specialists from AARONIA together with the Austrian Armed Forces.

The Austrian Armed Forces used the Electronic Warfare for Drone Defense (ELDRO) system for this purpose, featuring the AARTOS DDS sensor system at its core. The drone detection system was installed in a black Mercedes Sprinter, which can be used completely autonomously and is designed to support any form of event.

Major Features of the AARTOS:

  • Determination of the position and altitude of drones
  • Scanning of the entire frequency spectrum, including parallel scanning of different frequencies
  • Highspeed localization of drone activities
  • Determination of the position of the drone pilot in real time

The mobile mission vehicle also served as a command centre for the systems deployed by the Austrian Armed Forces.

According to the press release, regardless of established no-fly zones and the additional warnings given to security officers to avoid any risks, there were numerous drone detections during the air show. In all cases, the drones were intercepted early and effortlessly thanks to the performance of the AARTOS system. Moreover, the simultaneous detection of the home/launch position, with an accuracy of 5 meters, led the military police to the respective operator with pinpoint accuracy in all cases.

“An event like Airpower22 is one where the AARTOS system integrated into the vehicle can fully show its strengths,” explains Thorsten Chmielus, CEO and founder of AARONIA AG. “Ready for use in just a few minutes, the built-in command center enables seamless 360° monitoring, thanks to the RTSA Suite PRO software. Moreover, it detects over 99% of all commercial drones, even if they are pre-programmed.”

(Image: A self-sufficient AARTOS drone project system 6th generation Mercedes Sprinter at Airpower22)

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