IAI, Iron Drone partnership strengthens drone interception capabilities

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Iron Drone have entered into a collaboration agreement for the integration of interception capabilities into IAI’s Drone Guard anti-drone system. The intercepting drone can be launched during day or night from a docking station that hosts several ready-to-use drones. Several intercepting drones can be launched simultaneously to address several targets or swarms.

IAI subsidiary ELTA Systems develops and manufactures Drone Guard anti-drone systems designed to detect, identify, and disrupt the operation of malicious drones. Iron Drone uses AI-based technology to intercept and eliminate targets that are flying a pre-programme mission or using secure radio links. ELTA’s collaboration with Iron Drone is part of its strategy to collaborate with startups to leverage innovative technologies for existing systems to improve performance.

According to the IAI press release, the radar integrated with Drone Guard is capable of detecting drones as they enter the airspace. The intercepting drone is launched and steered to the target with the help of the radar. It uses sensors and computer vision to home and lock on the target up to the physical hit of the attacker and its neutralization. The entire process is autonomous, requiring no human intervention. The solution can be used in areas where other defense systems cannot because of environmental factors like airports, populated areas, power plants, sensitive facilities, and other infrastructures.

The use of drones has increased significantly in recent years with legitimate use accompanied by the growing use of drones by terror and crime organizations. Due to their small size and slow, low altitude flight, drones pose a threat to sensitive facilities, mass gatherings, VIPs, and other aircraft, as well as to other aspects of homeland defense. Drones can be used also for other purposes such as intelligence collection, smuggling, and even carrying ammunition. Hence the need for a multi-layer, integrated solution that provides full protection against all types of threats.

ELTA Systems reports sales of over 100 Drone Guard units to date.

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