Hidden Level exhibits drone detection capabilities at ISC West exhibition in Las Vegas

Airspace monitoring company Hidden Level will be displaying their Airspace Monitoring Service (AMS) at the ISC West 2022 exhibition in Las Vegas 23-25 March. AMS is used by law enforcement agencies in Arlington, Texas to identify unauthorized drones during football games played at AT&T Stadium and other locations and applications around the country. The Hidden Level team will be showing:

  • Arlington TX: Working with city officials as part of its Smart City initiative, Hidden Level’s AMS tracked the low-altitude airspace around Arlington Texas at the stadium for the three hours before kickoff through the game’s conclusion. Over the course of all nine of the Dallas Cowboy’s home games including the playoffs, AMS tracked 48 drone events with 22 unsafe flights, averaging more than two unsafe drone flights per game. A “tracked drone event” is defined as a geolocated drone/operator by Hidden Level’s (AMS). A drone flight is considered unsafe if it flies over pedestrians, stadium operations, or inside of a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR).
  • NASA Ames: Mountain View, CA-based NASA Ames Research Center continues to work with Hidden Level, as a subcontractor to Science and Technology Corporation, on Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) and Advanced Aerial Mobility (AAM) applications of the Airspace Monitoring Service (AMS) data feed. In November, Hidden Level installed a network of its sensors to bring a live instance of its AMS to Moffett Federal Airfield.
  • Joby Aviation: Hidden Level has also been working together with Joby Aviation to advance the safety of urban air mobility operations in the U.S. national airspace system. Through this partnership, Hidden Level and Joby have agreed to share expertise in designing and deploying scalable airspace operations based on data generated from Hidden Level’s custom-built sensors, which are strategically installed in dense urban environments.
  • New York State Fair: Hidden Level used a network of its sensors in Syracuse to provide complete coverage of the surrounding NYS Fairgrounds airspace. The data collected was fed directly into the fair’s existing security operations, enabling enhanced monitoring capabilities for the duration of the fair.

Securing the low-altitude airspace means safer communities and more opportunities for companies and organizations to enhance their security operations, says Hidden Level.

The company’s AMS is designed to provide an affordable solution for corporate security and law enforcement, critical infrastructure protection, public venues and events, smart cities, and commercial drone traffic management.

“The future of safe low altitude airspace applications will depend on the maturation of new infrastructure and services like our Airspace Monitoring Service”, said James Licata, Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships at Hidden Level.

(Image: Example of an unsafe drone flight detected by hidden level’s AMS during an event at AT&T stadium)

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