HENSOLDT’s second batch of IRIS-T SLMs strengthens Ukrainian defence against small low-flying vehicles

Sensor specialist HENSOLDT is supplying four more high-performance radars for Diehl Defence’s IRIS-T SLM air defence system, which ensures the protection of Ukraine against attacks from the air. Under an order from Diehl Defence worth a mid-double-digit million sum, the TRML-4D radars are to be delivered to Diehl in the course of 2024, starting in January.

TRML-4D uses the latest digital radar technology. It is capable of detecting, tracking and classifying different types of aerial targets. One focus is on small, fast and low-flying and/or manoeuvring cruise missiles as well as aircraft and helicopters. It ensures the rapid detection and tracking of about 1,500 targets in a radius of up to 250 km.

(Image: HENSOLDT’s TRML-4D multifunction radar)

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