Hensoldt highlights Ceretron sensor suite on MUV at DSEI 2023

Vistors to Hensoldt’s booth at the defence and security event DSEI in London this week have been presented with an iteration of the Ceretron sensor suite integrated into a Multi-Utility Vehicle (MUV) that has already proven detection and operator capabilities with the Bundeswehr.

With Ceretron, Hensoldt has taken an innovative approach to the conundrum of increasing data volume and potential information overload. The sensor suite combines sensors, merges their data streams, evaluates them in real time, processes them and provides vehicle crew and the entire battle group with an AI-supported operational picture. Relevant information is thus provided automatically on an ad hoc basis, empowering faster and more intelligent decision-making. “Through the automated AI-supported evaluation of sensor data, we significantly accelerate the situational awareness process for planning and decision-making,” said Tanya Altmann, Head of the company’s Optronics & Land Solutions Division. “We therefore want to contribute this expertise, proven in practical scenarios at the German Army, to future programmes, such as D-LBO in Germany and FOXTROT in the Netherlands, together with our partners”.

Ceretron can be flexibly configured to meet specific mission requirements, and can network a wide range of heterogeneous sensors that come from Hensoldt or third-party portfolios, thus providing ultimate operator adaptability. It ensures information superiority simultaneously with relieving the user through the use of decentralised AI, enabling effective, highly efficient reconnaissance, target acquisition and transmission of target data across the battlefield – mission-critical capabilities increasingly in demand. Applied to current and future platforms, information superiority along the entire sensor-to-effector value chain can be realised quickly, at minimal cost and in a threat-appropriate manner.

For more information: www.hensoldt.net

(Image: Ceretron will lend itself to a wide range of mission-critical applications on today’s and tomorrow’s battlefields. Credit: Hensoldt)

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