G&H will highlight advanced precision optics and Artemis acquisition at DSEI 2023

Emphasising the breadth of its advanced precision optics, G&H will use defence and security exhibition DSEI in London next week to showcase G&H|Artemis for the first time in public since the acquisition completed in July.

The company’s solutions play a critical role in the functionality and efficiency of a myriad defence applications, including directed energy weapons (DEW) and sighting/targeting systems. G&H has a substantialportfolio of work in the DEW field, including High Laser Damage Threshold optics, next-generation bonding and mounting techniques and full Finite Element Analysis – elements essential to successful future deployment of laser-based systems. “G&H continues to be well placed to meet the demanding requirements of defence and our recent strategic acquisitions of GS Optics and Artemis have only served to strengthen this further,” said G&H CEO, Charlie Peppiatt.

G&H|Kent will offer visitors glimpses into the world of armoured fighting vehicle optics, including the Embedded Image Periscope and Gunner Auxiliary Sight it is supplying to the British Challenger 3 programme. New Hampshire-based G&H|Stingray will showcase its abilities in digital optics, now playing critical roles in ISTAR missions and fire control for kinetic effects – particularly its wide range of optical coatings, assemblies and subsystems. The latest acquisition, G&H|Artemis, will emphasise its capabilities in military laser protection filters, which set new standards for optical protection in defence and support the company’s evolution to becoming the G&H Centre of Excellence for coating capabilities worldwide.

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 (Image: The company’s optical expertise covers a wide range of defence and security applications, from armoured fighting vehicle optics to laser directed energy weapon systems. Credit: Gooch & Housego plc)

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