French opposition leader voices ‘concern over delays’ to Paris 2024 counter drone system

France plans to deploy 35,000 military and security personnel to protect the Paris 2024 Olympic Opening Ceremony from threats including drone attacks, according to a report by Inside the Games.

The French opposition leader El Haïry has voiced his concern over delays to the anti-drone system which is due to operate in time for the Rugby World Cup in September and the Olympics and Paralympics in 2024. The French-designed system will have the capacity to detect and counter micro and mini-drones.

According to the report, El Haïry said that the anti-drone system had fallen behind schedule and was “the subject of some difficulties”. However, she claimed the problems are in the process of being resolved without giving a date for completion. The system should have been ready this spring.

The French government has reportedly invested EUR350 million in counter drone systems designed to jam or mitigate with laser technology.

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