Fortem Technologies white paper examines challenges posed by Group-3 weaponised drones

Fortem Technologies says close to 5,000 drone captures have helped the company to develop its F700 counter drone system, and has secured several high-profile contracts including the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar with a local partner, plus multiple deliveries to Ukraine.

In a white paper, the company examines current challenges in combating weaponized UAS/UAVs, specifically the significant threats posed by ever-evolving Group-2 (21 to 55 pound) and Group-3 (55+ pound) drones. Defending the skies against more significant drone threats like the Orlan-10 and Shahed-136 is necessary for military forces. How can the DoD defeat these drones while reducing costly collateral damage and protecting innocent civilians?

According to the white paper:

“The expansion of attack drones in military conflict and the proliferation of enemy/terrorist drone developments are only escalating the need for a viable C-UAS response. Large-scale hostilities reach far beyond the battlefield, with civilian casualties reported on all sides. It is estimated that the global defense/military drone market will reach USD23.78 billion by 2027 as drones have become a primary tool used in today’s world for combat, research, development, target decoys, or supervision purposes (source: Fortune Business Insights).”

The paper considers various defeat methods including jamming, missiles and interception before describing the Fortem F700 solution.

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