Fortem Technologies launches DroneHanger support hub for its C-UAS systems

Drone detection and mitigation company Fortem Technologies has launched a support hub for its DroneHunter counter unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) system. The DroneHangar technology hub eliminates the need for manual delivery, setup, and launch by personnel that is required of most counter-drone mitigation solutions, such as hand-held jamming and net guns, says Fortem Technologies.

According to a Fortem press release, DroneHangar is designed to be a force multiplier that makes engagement and mitigation of threatening drones at a safe distance possible. Drone Hangar is tightly integrated with SkyDome Manager software, enabling the launch of DroneHunter in under six seconds. This autonomous, rapid deployment also reduces the need for operators or technicians to manually monitor and manage the DroneHunter before or after a sortie is completed.

DroneHangar is an environmentally controlled hub that protects the DroneHunter from extreme temperature and weather conditions, keeping it charged and ready for flight. It eliminates any pre-launch tuning by personnel, and automatically feeds health monitoring such as battery life, temperature, and ready status into SkyDome Manager. Designed to be portable, DroneHangar can be trailer-mounted for easy maneuvering and can be installed at any location that has power and ethernet.

“DroneHangar is an essential part of the SkyDome System, enabling DroneHunter to be functional and ready for flight at a moment’s notice. A key requirement for an effective, end-to-end counter drone system is that it must operate without the need for human intervention,” said Spencer Prows, VP of Engineering at Fortem Technologies. “It’s a modern day ‘BatCave’ for the DroneHunter—providing both protection and intelligence while serving as a remote command center where it’s needed.”

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