Fortem Technologies announces longer range SkyDome drone mitigation capability at Dubai Airshow

Counter drone company Fortem Technologies has announced the release of SkyDome System 3.7 at the Dubai Airshow, 14-18 November.

SkyDome System 3.7 adds longer range target validation and implementation of additional unique urban clutter suppression algorithms. This update enables the defeat of low flying targets at longer ranges in urban and other highly-cluttered environments.

The Fortem SkyDome System consists of a low cost and small form factor family of TrueView radar, a low SWAP-C radar system with AI on the edge technology for detecting, tracking, and classifying multiple simultaneous small, low to the ground airborne objects; and the Fortem DroneHunter, which autonomously pursues, captures, and tows away dangerous or malicious drones with no collateral damage.

SkyDome System 3.7 also pairs DroneHunter’s extended mitigation range with a long-range camera option that extends the ability to validate a target visually. Fortem says the SkyDome System 3.7 offers visual validation up to three times further than many other camera systems, and utilizes an 88X zoom camera. In conjunction with Fortem TrueView radar, this enhanced visual validation range offers one of the longest end-to-end detection, validation, and mitigation ranges in the industry.

SkyDome System 3.7 also introduces urban clutter suppression algorithms which allows the system to accurately view threatening drones in urban and other high clutter environments.

This new capability, when combined with DroneHunter’s range, provides an opportunity to secure events, critical infrastructure, and other key areas of interest with the stand-off distances needed to keep them safe, according to the Fortem Technologies press release.

“The SkyDome System naturally evolves to safely defeat larger and multiple targets where other systems are limited by cost, size, power, range, safety, or single drone targeting,” said Timothy Bean, CEO of Fortem Technologies. “This 3.7 update is an example of that natural evolution where updates are added to a fundamentally disruptive autonomous architecture to create real, viable, ongoing solutions to the evolving drone threat.”

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