Fortem launches portable 360 degree drone detection capability device

Fortem Technologies has announced the launch of Fortem Portable SkyDome, a counter-UAS technology that establishes a 360-degree view of a designated airspace and enables Fortem’s autonomous DroneHunter, to investigate specific areas and provide ground and airspace security with the ability to mitigate drone intrusions safely. “Portable SkyDome acts as a powerful force multiplier for keeping a designated perimeter and airspace secure,” said a company press release. “It will debut at booth #5402 at Global Security Exchange (GSX) in Las Vegas, Nevada, along with a demonstration of Fortem’s DroneHunter autonomously detecting, developing an integrated response,and safely removing threatening drones in the D3 50×50 demonstration area. The SkyDome platform, upon which Portable SkyDome is based, was awarded Most Innovative Product by GSX. The company was also recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan as The Technology Innovation Leader for Airspace Awareness and Security 2018.”

According to the company, key benefits of Portable SkyDome are

  • The system can be set up and torn down quickly at an event or venue and requires no radar or sensor expertise
  • Boundaries and zones can be created to send automated alerts, texts and emails when intruders enter a zone
  • Rules can be applied to automatically launch a DroneHunter for additional observation, surveillance, pursuit and capture
  • When a careless or clueless drone is identified by Portable SkyDome then DroneHunter can be activated to pursue and capture it and tow it away from populated and sensitive areas for safe disposal, regardless of their navigation capabilities
  • The stand-alone system can be installed and taken down in a few minutes

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(Image: DroneHunter, FortemTechnologies)

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