Flex Force latest Dronebuster Block 4 now in full series production

The latest iteration of the proven Dronebuster family of counter-UAS systems – the Block 4 – is now in full rate production, according to a social media announcement by the company on 22 February.

Dronebuster Block 4 is environmentally qualified for radiation safety, ruggedness and ingress protection. Fully integratable into fixed or mobile counter-UAS solutions, it has a unique upgrade option allowing the use of navigation spoofing in addition to jamming. Simple to use, requiring minimal training and highly effective, it is the most widely used counter-UAS system in the world, according to the company. It is also the only handheld electronic attack system authorised by the US DoD. The new variant incorporates lessons learned from operational use of the Block 3 and Block 3B to address evolving drone threats and is fully exportable.

For more information: www.flexforce.us

(Image: The Dronebuster Block 4 is now entering series production. Credit: Flex Force Enterprises, Inc.)

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