European Commission announces funding for the EUR 71 million E-CUAS programme

The EUR 71 million E-CUAS programme has been announced as one of the successful programmes to receive funding from the European Commission as part of its European Defence Fund (EDF) programme amounting to EUR1,031 million of EU funding, supporting 54 joint European defence research and development projects.

E-CUAS will bring together 24 beneficiaries from 12 Member States and Norway to advance defence technologies countering unmanned aerial systems, such as drones..

E-CUAS aims to develop counter unmanned aerial systems (CUAS) solutions for countering class I unmanned aerial systems, including military-grade UAS, by integrating multiple technologies. The proposed solutions include passive and active sensors, soft kill and hard kill effector technologies, command and control capabilities, networking and communications infrastructure, cybersecurity, and interoperability data models. The project is in continuity with the JEY-CUAS project and will study, harmonise, and consolidate concepts of operations, use cases, user needs, and operational requirements.

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