Estonian Defence League launches small drone warfare and C-UAS tactics course

The Estonian Defence League (EDL) will systematically train drone operators and teach its members how to react and behave in situations in which drones are a threat, the organisation announced on 2 November.

“How they look from above, how to develop camouflage, light discipline and generally take into account that drones have arrived on the battlefield today from [President Vladimir] Putin’s side as well,” said Chief of the General Staff of the Defense League, Col Eero Rebo, in describing the scheme.  “First, we want to have drones in our companies and then for them to come down the line – even small units can also use their own drones – so that we can use them in different weather conditions. And, on the other hand, we would be able to manage with an environment where some kind of action is used against them”.

The EDL is planning to buy 100 small multirotor drones, and is also developing an information-sharing process between units. Currently, the organisation uses Estonian-produced surveillance drones, which are also used in Ukraine and five European NATO countries.

“[Drones] are not resistant to electronic warfare and especially drones bought from China. Their control panels, and positioning signals can be transmitted to the enemy and they can detect the operator’s location,” said Mikk Murumäe, head of software development at drone manufacturer Threod Systems. “For example, Ukraine today makes very extensive use of Chinese drones. However, as far as I know, various Ukrainian scientific institutions are working on how to overcome these problems,” added Rebo.

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(Image: Estonia is addressing the need for education and training of drone operators seriously – with interesting implications for C-UAS training in its turn. Credit: Rene Suurkaev/ERR)


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