ESG integrates Walaris camera-based detection/verification software into its ELYSION C-UAS system

AI-based software Walaris Airscout Verify for automated camera-based detection and verification of drones has been integrated into ESG’s ELYSION counter UAS system.

According to a company press release:

“With the successful integration of the AI-based software Walaris Airscout Verify for automated camera-based detection and verification of drones into ESG’s core intelligence for drone defence ELYSION, effectiveness and efficiency are significantly increased.

“By connecting the Walaris AirScout Verify AI-tracker, the camera controlled by ELYSION is now guided by a search algorithm over the technically fundamental “inaccuracy range” of the drone. The video image of the day and night vision channel is searched for the drone by the AI-tracker using innovative image recognition algorithms. Walaris AirScout Verify assigns unique identification numbers to drones found in the camera’s field of view, allowing the tracker to be switched on by pressing a button without using the mouse. After the validated sighting of the drone by the AI-tracker, the search algorithm is aborted and automatically fused by ELYSION with the data from the other sensors. Even in the event of a (time-limited) loss of the radar track, the AI-tracker retains the drones in the video image, which is particularly relevant in the case of hovering drones, as these cannot be consistently detected by all radar systems. This significantly increases the speed and quality of detection. In addition, the operator’s workload is significantly reduced, allowing him to focus on visual verification and initiating defensive measures.

“Due to the improvement in positional accuracy, a directed effector can be instructed more precisely and the effectiveness increases.

“Another advantage is that the software solution “Integration of WALARIS Airscout Verify in ELYSION” is hardware-independent and can be intelligently networked with all common camera systems and various sensors and effectors. This means that ESG’s new solution covers an even greater number of different, regularly highly complex application scenarios.”

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