EOS gives further details of its “urban friendly” C-UAS ammunition

Australian defence manufacturer EOS has given Unmanned Airspace more information on how its Slinger counter-UAS ammunition can work in an urban environment

“The benefit of the proximity fused ammunition is that is designed to air burst into very small fragments,” according to Jo Ramsay General Manager, Global Marketing at the company.

“These fragments present a significantly lower risk when compare with other explosive and traditional kinetic rounds. This combined with the Slinger’s One Shot One Kill accuracy means that counter drone engagements that in the past might have involved hundreds if not thousands of rounds being fired into the air to achieve a drone kill, can now be replaced with a much smaller number of less dangerous rounds.”

  • In April 2023 EOS Defence Systems business announced it had secured a second conditional contract to supply up to fifty Remote Weapon Systems (RWS) to Ukraine, including ammunition, spares, and related services.


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