DroneShield updates DroneSentry-C2 with new user interface and capabilities

DroneShield has announced an update to its counter-uncrewed aerial systems (C-UAS) DroneSentry-C2 platform, which includes a new user interface, upgraded AI, and extended detection capabilities.

This Version 10.0 release of DroneSentry-C2 enables operators to modify key settings without needing to navigate away from the monitoring dashboard. Load times moving between sites and analytics have also been reduced. The user interface has been updated for both desktop and tablet experiences, improving ‘on-the-move’ applications such as for vehicles and dismounted missions.

The update incorporates ThreatAI, an integrated threat analysis system for detected objects in DroneSentry-C2, which provides a responsive threat rating based on data from all sensors and user input. This new information is used by other sub-systems across the platform to better inform command decisions.

The DroneSentry-C2 planning tool has been split out into a separate application to help new and existing clients plan their C-UAS installations, and review the suitability of different systems. In addition, Version 10.0 includes enhancements to data visualisation, AI accuracy and allows for integrated control of disruption features. Localisation into Spanish and Polish is also offered.

Version 10.0 of the DroneSentry-C2 system is available from today, being deployed to existing DroneShield systems this week. It is available with both DroneShield and third party hardware sensors, and is provided on a subscription basis, either via secure cloud or on-premises server.

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