IDEX 2023: DroneShield releases DroneOptID firmware update for enhanced detection and tracking

DroneShield has released the latest update for its DroneOptID platform. DroneOptID is a computer vision-based system used to control various thermal and optical sensors, detect, classify and track small drones or UAV targets. Major upgrades include:

  • Improved Scan Pattern Performance: Performance improvement to the optical scan pattern algorithm for faster target acquisition from radar and RF detections.
  • Improved Object Size Estimation: Improvement to the passive optical object size estimation, enabling dynamic optical distance estimation adjustments when distance was previously acquired by other sensors.
  • Deep DroneOpt2 Integration: Full featured integration of the DroneOpt2 model supporting both thermal and optical feeds with DroneOptID classification.
  • AI Model Optimisation: Detection model optimisation for faster acquisition and improved high-speed target optical tracking.
  • Integration for Sensor Fusion Applications: DroneOptID provides data stream designed to integrate with Sensor Fusion based systems such as DroneSentry-C2.
  • Reduced Optical False Detections: Expansion of the DroneOptID data sets, reducing false detection probability.

Customers enrolled in DroneShield’s Drone Sentry-C2 with DroneOptID software subscription, receive quarterly updates to the proprietary DroneOptID classification engine. DroneOptID is a camera agnostic software solution and DroneShield offers multiple camera options along with it to support various customer use cases, performance and budget requirements.

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