DroneShield and Squarehead partner in the counter drone space

Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) company DroneShield has partnered with Squarehead, a Norwegian-based acoustic array technology company to enhance drone detection and mitigation capabilities.

According to a press release, DroneShield can now offer an integrated system for C-UAS detection and mitigation, with DroneShield’s radiofrequency, radar and camera-based UAS detection and electronic warfare UAS defeat products integrated with Squarehead’s Discovair G2 direction-finding acoustic system, within DroneSentry-C2 airspace awareness, command-and-control and reporting software. This product integration of the two companies’ offerings has been completed, and the combined solution is available to customers at present. The combined system is presently undergoing test evaluation schedule with the US Department of Defense.
Squarehead CEO Stig Nyvold said: “We are pleased to enter into the partnership with DroneShield in the rapidly emerging C-UAS space. C-UAS security and airspace awareness is becoming an increasing problem for  wide range of military and civilian customers, and we expect our capability to detect any drone in the near field to provide a great added layer in DroneShield’s solution.”

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, added: “This partnership combines DroneShield best-in-class C-UAS sensors and effectors with Squarehead’s expertise in the acoustic domain. The combined system is already being evaluated by the US military, and we look forward to rolling this out globally, with an extensive schedule in front of us over next several months, including Europe and the US. ”

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