Drone Guard C-UAS system “intercepts drone incursions at G20 summit”

The Times of Israel reports that Drone Guard system sold to Argentina by ELTA Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), identified several rogue drone incursions nearby the recent G20 global leaders’ summit in Buenos Aires.

“The several suspicious drones flying into the presence of global leaders were successfully blocked by the Israeli technology,” said the newspaper. “The Defense Ministry of Argentina signed a contract worth more than USD5 million with its Israeli counterpart last year to provide cyber defense and cybersecurity services to the meeting. Israel is not a member of the G20 group….On Thursday, summit authorities detected a non-authorized drone in an area of the hotels in which the foreign delegations stayed. The drone was neutralized. On Friday evening a drone flew close to the group of leaders that were entering the iconic Colon Theater for a gala event. The drone was neutralized and fell to the street, according a report by the Clarin newspaper.

Drone Guard was also successfully used during the 2018 Youth Olympics games in Argentina in October, said the newspaper.

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