Drone Band introduces FPV drone attachment for mid-capture of rogue drones

Drone Band has introduced a 3D printed first-person view (FPV) drone attachment called “the Crown” designed for mid-air capture of multicopter drones. Reusable, scalable and weighing under 100g, the Crown is designed to be compatible with a wide range of FPV drones and can reach up to 10km.

The Crown has been developed to address the problem of malicious drone operators retaining their drones. Once a malicious drone is detected, the FPV drone pilot deploys a hunter drone equipped with the Crown attachment. Guided by the pilot, the hunter drone manoeuvres towards the target drone. Upon contact, the Crown captures the target drone, disconnects from the hunter drone, and deploys a parachute for a controlled descent. An arrest wire may be deployed to transport the captured drone to a designated safe landing location.

While the drone’s capture serves as a deterrent, its apprehension also provides valuable intelligence for identifying the operator and discerning their intentions, says the company.

The legal framework for using the Crown varies, depending on national regulator rules. According to Drone Band, permission for its use may be granted, accompanied by specific restrictions, depending on the qualifications held by the operating drone pilots and the organisation they represent.

Drone Band expects the Crown to have a variety of applications and is targeting sales at event organisers, prisons, transport operators, police, landowners and private security firms. The company is seeking angel investors, beta testers and early adopters.

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