Downing drones at sea – RAFAEL shows footage of its C-UAS naval remote controlled weapon station

Israel’s RAFAEL has released footage of its Typhoon remote controlled weapons station downing small drones at sea.

“RAFAEL is offering its TYPHOON Mk30-c and TYPHOON 25 mm class (in service with several navies around the world, including the US navy) as a solution for airborne, marine, and shore-based threats, including C-UAS,” said the company in a press statement.

“In late 2022, RAFAEL announced that it had been awarded a major contract with a leading Asian navy for its TYPHOON Mk30-c, as well as the commissioning of its TYPHOON and mini-TYPHOON RCWS onboard FAIC-M / SHALDAG Mk5 vessels in the Philippine navy as part of a complete RAFAEL combat suite. TYPHOON RCWS has recently demonstrated its improved C-UAS capabilities using AI-powered Automatic Fire Correction and ATR to effectively defeat small and medium UAS. This is all made possible by incorporating a diverse mix of synchronized smart multi-spectral sensors, weapons, and intelligent effectors that translate to very high hit accuracies.”

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