DHS selects Rafael Systems Global Sustainment to demo Drone Dome and Sky Spotter for CORE

The C-UAS Capability Optimization Research Environment (CORE) programme of the US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate has selected Rafael Systems Global Sustainment LLC to demonstrate its Drone Dome and Sky Spotter solutions at the CORE Technology Demonstration scheduled to take place in Texas in mid-March.

The advanced Drone Dome counter-UAS system provides a comprehensive solution for enforcing UAV ‘no-fly’ zones and is capable of identifying unknown targets, generating alerts based on an adaptable rules generator and conducting pertinent operations without interfering with routine airborne assets. This it does with the aid of specific jammer bandwidth and an advanced directional antenna. The system’s modularity and its flexibility à propos customisation make it particularly suitable for operations in highly congested civilian or military airspace, the company suggests.

Sky Spotter is a passive early warning system featuring a high probability of detection and a very low false alarm rate. Used in standalone or networked applications, the system lends itself to effective support of counter-UAS and ground-based air defence systems for force protection or critical infrastructure protection missions. Using highly sensitive IR and daylight sensors, it establishes a protective sphere up to tens of kilometres in radius, employing advanced automation and image processing algorithms, supported by artificial intelligence, to engage, track and manage multiple targets simultaneously. The proprietary ability to merge electro-optical and radar readings into a unified picture offers an all-weather solution with proven robustness in particularly challenging applications.

The combat-proven systems offer robust, modular capability to enable easy scalability and customisation.

For more information: www.rsgsllc.com

(Image: Rafael will demonstrate both Drone Dome and Sky Spotter at Fort Wolters, TX, in March. Credit: Rafael Systems Global Sustainment LLC)

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