Counter drone companies focus on technology to combat rise in military platforms

Companies such as the Netherlands-based Robin Radar Systems and Utah-based Fortem Technologies are reportedly developing their capabilities so that they may counter Iran-made drones as the Russia-Ukraine war approaches its first anniversary, says a report by the federal government news source ExecutiveGov.

“Bill Haraka, vice president of defense and security at Robin Radar, said the company is working to improve the capability of its sensors to detect Shahed-136 and other larger drones. Fortem CEO Jon Gruen also revealed that the company has made improvements to its DroneHunter system to help address the threat posed by Iranian drones.”

The Wall Street Journal cites the Iran-built Shahed-136 drones among those targeted as it poses among the biggest threat to civilian infrastructure in military environments like Ukraine. The US Department of Defense is working with companies including L3Harris Technologies to help Ukraine ground forces fight hostile drones, for example using the company’s ISR rocket equipment. “The first four VAMPIRE units are set to be delivered to Ukraine by mid-2023 and the rest will be ready by the end of the year, highlighting the challenge of supplying enough technologies to the Eastern European country,” says the report.

“Richard Ast, director of unmanned systems technology at DOD’s research and engineering directorate, said at a conference in December that his office was turning to industry to help develop platforms that could counter unmanned systems, particularly autonomous drones being fielded in large numbers,” says ExecutiveGov.

(Image: Robin Radar)

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