OpenWorks and Robin Radar develop fully autonomous on-the-move C-UAS

OpenWorks Engineering and Robin Radar Systems have collaborated to conduct the first customer demonstration of a fully autonomous C-UAS on-the-move (OTM) capability. Combining a stabilized AI-powered EO/IR sensor with an AI 3D radar, the solution will be shown in public during the DSEI defence and security event in London next week.

The highly configurable optical system – Vario Flex – can be used in static and vehicle-mounted applications, making use of INS, dual-GPS and a custom-balanced gyro mount in the latter case, allowing for precision slew-to-cue and close target tracking. At long ranges, target identification is futher facilitated by the use of AI classification.

IRIS is a 3D counter-drone radar. Now with added OTM capability, it can detect and classify drones while its host vehicle is moving at up to 100km/h, providing height information, direction and position, offering operators early warning and increased reaction time.

“There was high repeatability in autonomous slew-to-cues, both at high speed and during complex manoeuvres,” said Chris Down, OpenWorks Engineering Managing Director of the demonstration.

“This integration shows how fast two-step drone classification can be, especially when using radar detection to close in optical tracking,” said Robin Radar Systems’ Chief Commercial Officer, Marcel Verdonk. “With the addition of proven on-the- move-capability, this unique integration will especially benefit military and police end-users who need to protect vehicle convoys and personnel while on the move”.

Both systems are already used in integrated C-UAS applications in multiple nations. The new combination offering OTM functionality, with all that implies for operators, will be prominent on the OpenWorks Engineering stand at DSEI 2023 in ExCeL, 11-15 September.

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(Image: The test vehicle used for the first successful customer demonstration of the OTM capability the companies have developed in collaboration. Credit: OpenWorks Engineering Limited)

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