Chess Dynamics integrates new sensors to enable more robust C-UAS capabilities

Through new partnerships with Echodyne, Squarehead and CommTech (TCI|ECS), Chess Dynamics has added Electronically Steered Array (ESA) 4D radar and advanced acoustic technology to its counter-UAS product portfolio. The C-UAS system is now capable of detecting targets at maximum distance, locating with 4D coordinates, ensuring accurate and stable tracking, and providing precise classification and identification to enable authorised response protocols, according to the company.

Rupert Grinling, Land Sales Manager at Chess, said: “UAS technology continues to advance rapidly and efforts to counter these threats are becoming increasingly challenging. This integration has the potential to revolutionise the way that C-UAS threats are managed. Chess’s C-UAS portfolio is a true Swiss army knife. The enhanced system is capable of providing a comprehensive and cutting-edge technology solution for operators in the aerial littoral.”

He added: “Our integrated C-UAS System will enable customers to deliver a more effective response through increased situational awareness via our C2 System while identifying threats earlier with our new increased performance sensor systems. This provides a platform for more effective decision making, and with the incorporation of target identification and image tracking software the process is more efficient, timely and less burdensome to the operator.”

The full suite of C-UAS technologies for the 0-10km range includes Chess’ new C2 system which provides a simple user interface, Echodyne’s 4D Radar, providing 360° Az x 90° El coverage, Squarehead’s Acoustic Sensor nodes that offer a distributed network of passive detection, R/F D/F technologies, CommTech’s Jammer, and Chess’ latest HD Electro Optical/infra-red EO/IR camera with edge processing, enhanced difficult target tracking and classification.

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