Blighter enhances counter-drone radar to detect small UAS

Blighter Surveillance Systems has enhanced its Blighter A400 series e-scan counter-drone air security radar to better detect and report low, slow and small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The Blighter A400 series counter-UAS radar now feature U40 antennas which increase vertical elevation coverage from 30 to 40-degrees. New Digital Drone Detection (D³) technology with sensitivity boost is designed to extract the tiny radar reflections from modern plastic-bodied drones even when flying close to the ground or near buildings where clutter reflections are relatively large. The upgrade also includes an adaptable digital signal processing (DSP) platform to accommodate moving ground clutter and thereby enable the radar to be deployed on-the-move. Blighter engineers are also offering a software development kit to systems integrators, primes and the military to ease integration of the radar with other sensors, C2 systems, as well as with kinetic and non-kinetic disruptors.

The solid-state all-weather A400 series radars are optimized for the detection of small UASs carrying video cameras, wireless communication systems, narcotics, explosives and other undesirable payloads. The radars utilise passive electronically scanned array (PESA) and frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) technologies to detect and report nano, micro and miniature drones at ranges from 10 meters up to 3.6 km (2.2 miles) and larger drones and aircraft at ranges up to 10 km (6.2 miles) at speeds from full flight down to hover-drift.

(Image: Blighter Surveillance Systems)

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