BAE Systems tests counter-UAS configuration of AMPV in collaborative effort with Moog

BAE Systems has tested a variant of its Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) in a counter-UAS confuration and in collaboration with Moog, the company announced on 23 January.

Demonstrations and tests at an Arizona test site shoed the system’s ability to detect, track, identify and neutralise stationary and mobile ground and airborne targets. Also proven was the Moog turret capability to engage both target groups, using its slew-to-cue ability to accurately direct 30mm proximity-fuzed rounds. The system consists of an AMPV chassis incorporating the BAE Systems External Mission Equipment Package (ExMEP) and mated with the Moog Reconfigurable Integrated Weapons Platform (RIwP). The ExMEP allows for the mating of a number of turrets, including the Maneuver-Short Range Air Defense (M-SHORAD) turret recently validated by the US Army.

For more information: BAE Systems Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle prototype successfully fires Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System during live multi-scenario demonstration | BAE Systems

(Image: the AMPV C-UAS configuration undergoing testing. Credit: BAE Systems)

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