Aselan’s naval counter-UAS Gökdeniz CIWS gun “integrated with MILGEM-5 frigate”

Numerous press reports say the Gökdeniz CIWS (Close-in Weapon System) developed by Turkey’s Aselsan has passed a series of acceptance tests. The weapon system –  developed to defend against a wide range of threats, including anti-ship missiles, helicopters, fighters, unmanned aerial vehicles, surface platforms and asymetric surface naval threats – has been integrated with the MILGEM-5 frigate.

“GÖKDENİZ CIWS along with 35 mm Airburst Ammunition (ATOM) developed by ASELSAN is a close-in weapon system (CIWS) highly effective against anti-ship missiles,” says the company. “The system with the Automatic Linkless Ammunition Feed Mechanism allows loading both HEI and Airburst Ammunition at the same time and switching between ammunition types as needed.”

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(Image: Aselsan)

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