Airsight, Frequentis consultancy service guides drone detection concepts and systems for airports

Consultancy company airsight, in collaboration with Frequentis, has launched a consultancy service to guide airports in the selection of their drone detection system and associated mode of operations. Together they provide guidance, from specifications development through tendering up to the final implementation, testing and commissioning, of an airport drone detection system.

Frequentis is an independent CUAS system integrator, who provides expertise in optioneering and design of CONOPs with its dedicated control room consulting team. airsight is an aviation safety and airport specialist, who supports with the operational know-how and a safety-based approach in the decision-making process.

Airsight says illegal drone activities near or at aerodromes made the news several times in the last few years – causing major disruption to aircraft operations and representing a major threat to passenger safety. Many airports also benefit more and more from the utilisation unmanned aircraft system for several of their routine inspections (pavement, PAPI, ILS, etc.), as demonstrated in several airsight projects.

To manage both – legal and illegal – drone activities, new drone detection systems appeared on the market. Most of these systems use complex hardware (sensors) and software, claim to be able to detect, track, classify drones – and possibly respond to a threat. These systems rely on different technologies – notably in terms of hardware sensors – and the capital investment required is often proportional to the size of the area to be covered. System selection also depends on the desired Concept of Operations (CONOPS).

Airsight and Frequentis help with these selection and investment decisions.

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