Airbotics speeding Iron Drone Radar interceptor drone capabilities for Gaza applications

Ondas Holdings Inc. announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Airobotics is accelerating upgrades to its counter-UAS system, the Iron Drone Raider, to address the needs of the of Israeli defence and homeland security forces during the current conflict in Gaza.

“Supported by major Israeli defence companies, Airobotics’ teams are enhancing the interception system to meet specific defensive requirements rising from the field. Iron Drone’s unique integrated AI-based interception drone system allows for the elimination of small hostile drones and is effective against any type of small drone controlled or pre-programmed for flight, including hostile drones which do not rely on a pilot’s command and control radio-link,” said the company in a press release.

“The Iron Drone Raider system has unique and proprietary capabilities to handle all types of small hostile drones, no matter how they are operated,” continued the company. “The Iron Drone Raider system, upon detecting a small hostile drone, autonomously launches a small, hyper-fast interceptor drone that detects and tracks approaching hostile drones and “locks on” to them using proprietary advanced AI vision. The intercepting Raider drone follows the target, then incapacitates the hostile drone using a net and a parachute to safely lower it to the ground. The whole process, including detection, deployment, tracking and capturing the hostile drone is fully automated removing the need for a human pilot.”

“We are receiving many inquiries and working around the clock to enhance our Iron Drone Raider system to address the needs of various Israeli defence forces,” said Meir Kliner, CEO of Airobotics and President of Ondas Autonomous Systems. “With the support of major Israeli defence contractors, we are looking to provide the Iron Drone Raider solution to different forces on the ground and believe that it is going to be a game changer helping to counteract the rising threat from hostile drones.”

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(Image: Ondas)

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