Aaronia generates high interest in AARTOS DDS at DSEI 2023

At the DSEI show at ExCeL in London last week, which marked a distinct upsurge in operator interest in counter-UAS advances and solutions, Aaronia’s AARTOS drone detection system (DDS) created an intense customer focus, according to a company release on 15 September.

Currently the most powerful DDS of its type on the market, the AARTOS DDS offers capability tailored to specific operational and budgetary requirements, the company states. From the X2 and X5 mobile, laptop-based variants to the X7 and X9 systems for demanding military applications, the entire range generated interest at ExCeL, but the focus was undoubtedly on the X2 and high-end X9 solutions. Also closely examined by visitors was the AARTOS 360° Smart Jammer.

The compact X2 can be made operationally ready in under 30 seconds, and can both decode drone protocols and determine their location in real time at ranges of up to five kilometres – which can be extended to 40 if the device is used in a fixed location. By comparison to its sibling intended primarily for mobile applications, the X9 is the most powerful DDS in the family and provides gapless ultra-wideband surveillance with over four independent receivers and an optimised amplifier group. It scans the entire frequency range over 1,000 times per second and, with a 14 kilometre base range (extendable to 50), is well-suited to monitoring large areas. The X9 can be installed in a shelter or – of greater interest to military operators – integrated into a vehicle.

AARTOS provides users with drone position, speed and altitude, enabling rapid localisation by simultaneously scanning multiple frequencies and offering operators actioable data in real time. The company’s RTSA-Suite PRO – a real-time spectrum analysis software solution – plays a central role in this process, integrating a wide variety of hardware elements for evaluation. “The many conversations we have had with experts from the various branches of the armed forces show us that AARTOS can make a decisive contribution when it comes to integrating different armed forces,” said Aaronia CEO, Thorsten Chmielus.

In addition to the DDS, the programmable AARTOS 360° Smart Jammer excited significant interest during the event. With a long-range capability (up to 10 kilometres), the device enables individual adjustment or programmability in the 400MHz-6GHz range, quite simply. in real time. It covers all drones in the frequency range and can jam them either automatically or manually. “With the programmable jammer, we are once again underlining our innovation leadership when it comes
to providing efficient, flexible and particularly powerful solutions for our customers,” said Chmielus.

There are over 200 AARTOS installations worldwide and the system, in service since 2015 and now in its 6th generation, is constantly being further developed to ensure optimal utility and efficiency.

For more information: www.aaronia.de

(Image: Additional antenna trailer masts add flexibility and utility to vehicle-mounted iterations of the AARTOS systems. Credit: Aaronia AG)

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