Aaronia clinches USD 20 million order for AARTOS C-UAS solution – largest to date

Aaronia AG has received the largest ever order for its AARTOS drone detection system – “currently the most powerful on the market” – valued at USD 20 million, the company announced on 14 December.

AARTOS is particularly flexible and customisable, according to the Germany-based manufacturer, which enables solutions to be crafted for all levels of requirement and budget. The X2 and X5 mobile, laptop-based variants cater for limited applications, while the higher end X7 and X9 provide more comprehensive capability. AARTOS thus potentially caters to all civil and military drone-based threat scenarios. “An order of this volume, including detection and jamming technology, is for us both confirmation and motivation,” said CEO Thorsten Chmielus. “It underlines the performance and reliability of our CUAV system. The trust we have received encourages us to consistently develop AARTOS further to offer our customers the best possible protection against drone attacks at all times.”

Scanning the entire frequency spectrum, AARTOS offers operators target altitude information as well as position and speed, enabling rapid localization of threats. Proprietary software that enables real-time spectrum analysis plays a central role in the system’s performance and facilitates integration of a wide range of hardware components.

For more information: www.aaronia.de

(Image: The high end X9 solution provides comprehensive drone detection across a wide range of mission applications. Credit: Aaronia AG)

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