“24% of rogue 2021 rogue drone incidents took place at airports” – D-Fend

Dangerous drone threats grew exponentially in all major public sectors throughout 2021, according to data compiled by C-UAS company D-Fend Solutions.

In 2021 rogue drone incidents were detected at their highest in Q4, said the company. “In fact, 40 drone incidents were tracked in the month of November alone.  Another notable statistic is that the company found that 290 drone incidents took place across 57 countries last year, with 59% of the incidents in North America. This was broken down into global sectors that showed that 24% of those total instances occurred at airports and 23% in law enforcement agencies and first responders.”

According to the company’s incident track report  (https://www.d-fendsolutions.com/drone-incident-tracker/) there have been 70 rogue drone incidents so far this year, including Swedish police investigating a drone allegedly surveilling the Oskarshamn nuclear power plant; the use by rebels in Myanmar of DJI Phantoms to attack six government buildings and Civil Guard members in Spain confiscating 600 grams of hashish and three cellphones after intercepting a drone on its second mission to drop contraband at Mendizábal Prison.

(Image: Shutterstock)

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