Trig’s new TT26 transponder “advances UAS BVLOS airspace integration”

UK-based Trig Avionics says its latest TT26 certified transponder allows UAS platforms to meet ICAO international airspace surveillance standards up to 70,000 feet.

“A new generation of professional UAS flight training capability is also emerging – helping the global UAS industry gear up for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS),” says the company.

The TT26 is a single box with four UAS certified solutions, it contains; a Mode S 1090ES transponder certified to 70,000 feet, 2020 rule compliant ADS-B Out (meets TSO C166b), an internal GPS that (meets TSO C145) and a built in certified altitude encoder. The unit weighs only 485g and can be integrated in existing platforms and auto-pilots using RS232 and RS485 protocols, says Trigg.

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