HENSOLDT develops flight data recorded for larger UAVs

HENSOLDT has launched a new flight data recorder which is small enough to be installed on a large unmanned air vehicle (UAV). The new unit combines the latest sensor technologies in an extremely compact design so that flight, video and audio data can be recorded.

According to the company: “The new flight data recorder SferiRec LCR (Lightweight Crash Recorder) contains all the necessary sensors for recording such data as altitude and direction, engine temperature and speed as well as the pilots’ voices. The fact that it weighs around one kilogram only means that HENSOLDT’s LCR is the lightest of its kind in the market. The product combines all the recording functions (cockpit voice, flight data and crash protected memory), which have up until now been performed by different devices. Furthermore, the maintenance data can be read to an easily accessible SD card. The system’s sensors include an integrated microphone for ambient noise, a three-axis gyroscope, a three-axis accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a GPS receiver and an air pressure sensor. The new product is certified to ETSO-2C197 (ED-155).”

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