DroneUp launches autonomous drone ecosystem to support last-mile delivery logistics

Autonomous drone delivery company DroneUp has begun rolling out a new drone delivery Ecosystem in Virginia Beach and Dallas, Texas, and plans expansion to additional select markets in late 2024.

The DroneUp Ecosystem combines automated ground infrastructure, a suite of software operating systems, and an autonomous drone platform in a revolutionary new way. According to the press release, the Ecosystem includes:


DroneUp’s ground infrastructure, DBX, enables autonomous pickup of packages from retailers, QSR, and other origination points. DBX provides climate-controlled package management and storage with a small footprint.

DBX can be deployed as a delivery destination in urban areas, including hard-to-deliver areas like apartments and multi-dwelling communities. As a secure locker, DBX addresses “porch piracy,” to keep packages safe and secure. It also offers consumers a way to return their orders via reverse logistics.

DroneUp’s suite of software systems is designed to reduce human touchpoints, making delivery at scale possible. Its autonomous flight planning and control application is designed to allow a single operator to monitor many drones. Software autonomy also enables drones to land automatically on top of the DBX for package pickup and delivery. The system includes digitized maps and flight coordination features, such as ‘detect-and-avoid’ technology.

Drone platform

The drone platform features internal package storage for rain, snow, and sun protection. Speeds of 60 mph and a 30-mile range extend the DroneUp Ecosystem’s service coverage to 15 miles to support integrated vendors. The drone platform will support onboard charging, while onboard vertical clearance sensors reduce operator workload by automatically determining the drone’s height above obstacles. The drone platform supports autonomous package pickup and drop off – with a claw-like package grasper that can perform aerial drops or winch up to 120 ft.

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