SK Telecom simulator checks the quality of UAM communications networks

South Korean telecoms company SK Telecom has developed a simulator designed to assess the quality of urban air mobility (UAM) communications networks, according to media reports.

The development is aimed at aircraft typically operating at altitudes ranging from 300 to 600 meters while maintaining speeds of 100 to 150 km/h within urban environments.

Equipped with specialized analytic tools, the SK Telecom system offers real-time data visualizations through maps, graphs, and charts to provide real-time quality assessments of the aerial communication network.

In addition to the analytics platform, the company has developed an aerial network communication quality prediction simulator that considers a range of factors affecting communication quality, such as flight path, antenna height, and beam angles.

The simulator enables SK Telecom to assess infrastructure design including antenna height and orientation angles, and placement of base stations to take account of ground network interference.

SK Telecom is also building alliances with industry operators. SK Telecom recently invested USD100 such as Joby Aviation.

(Image: SK Telecom)

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