Globalvia “will launch Seville drone services in 2023, eVTOL services 2024/2025″

For this project the Spanish news station says: “Globalvia relies on an Andalusian partner, the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies, Catec, which is based in Aerópolis (the La Rinconada aerospace park) and has a reserved airspace that is a reference in drone experimentation, the Atlas center in Villacarrillo, in Jaén”.

For the future passenger air taxi service the report continues, “Globalvia has sealed an agreement with the Chinese multinational EHang, a producer of autonomous aerial vehicles (AAVs); and in the field of logistics it works with several drone providers”.

According to Openvía, Globalvia’s technology partner: “in 2023 a logistics drone will be able to be seen flying in Seville.

“Our objective is to start carrying out test flights and demonstrate the viability of this type of service. And as for passenger drones, the standardization and regulation of the service is slower and our goal is that in 2024 or 2025 we can carry out test flights with passengers”.

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