AMU-LED flight trials test UTM support for manned, drone and simulated eVTOL flights in shared airspace

By Philip Butterworth-Hayes

The first public demonstrations of drone flights, simulated eVTOL operations and manned flight operations “flying” simultaneously within unsegregated airspace and managed within a decentralised UAS traffic management (UTM) have taken place today as part of the SESAR AMU-LED very large demonstration project at the UK’s Cranfield University.

Two UTM service providers – ANRA and Cranfield’s ATM/UTM Lab – provided UTM/U-space support, exchanging telemetry feed data and strategic de-confliction data while accessing the discovery and synchronisation service (DSS) data via the ASTM F3548 standard.

Under the decentralised U-space architecture the common information service is the source of operational intent, traffic data and conformance alerts but competing/cooperating U-space service providers (USSPs) exchange data on flight plans (for strategic deconfliction), dynamic traffic data and their own conformance alters.

This is the first stage of AMU-LED flight trials using  both centralised and decentralised U-space architectures and the results will be published at the end of the project later this year.

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