AirMap selected to provide UTM services by NUAIR

AirMap has been selected as a UTM provider by the Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance (NUAIR Alliance), which is currently building a UAS traffic management 50-mile test corridor for beyond visual line-of-sight testing. The test corridor will run between Syracuse and Griffiss International Airport, an FAA-designated national UAS test site located in Rome, NY.

NUAIR and Griffiss have partnered with AirMap to visualize, manage, and support ongoing drone operations with the AirMap UTM Platform.

Air traffic controllers will be able to manage airspace data, authorizations, and real-time air traffic. Furthermore, AirMap will equip NUAIR with the technology to allow for USS-to-USS communications interfaces for the exchange of safety-critical airspace information between NUAIR and other USS. AirMap brings its previous experience and expertise in low-altitude airspace management, de-confliction, and authorization to progress UAS concepts such as BVLOS testing, remote ID, and counter-UAS for the New York Drone Corridor.

(Image courtesy of NUAIR Alliance)

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