LVNL issues tender for prototype UTM system for the Netherlands

Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) has issued a tender on the national electronic tender site Platform Negometrix for a prototype national UAS traffic management (UTM) system, with a deadline of 8 October for interested bidders.

According to the tender:

“Drones, and the way they should be handled from an air traffic management perspective, is a new type of operation for ATC-NL. Although a lot is similar to manned air traffic, specific requirements need to be developed to properly support UAS. This program must be seen as an innovating development at ATC-NL and within aviation in general. Innovation is all about exploring (im)possibilities, making choices, evaluating, cooperation. Sometimes mistakes will be made, and rework is necessary. The level of uncertainty associated with this program is high; UTM is still in its infancy and the available technology evolves at a revolutionary pace. The purpose of the program is to gain knowledge and experience with a UTM system and to add to the combined European ANSP knowledge of services for UAS traffic management. At this time, ATC-NL does not envision financial compensation for providing Air Traffic Services for drone activities in the CTR during the test and trial phases.

Tender number: 19082903

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