EASA launches tender for study into vulnerability of manned aircraft to drone strikes

The European Aviation Safety Agency has issued a tender for a Horizon 2020 Research Project: Vulnerability of Manned Aircraft to Drone Strikes

The general objective of the project is to achieve a validated understanding of the outcome of potential collision of mass market drones (‘threat’) with manned aircraft (‘target’), identify and recommend drone design strategies to contain the risk that drone-aircraft collision may induce on the aircraft and its occupants, define a draft design/test standard for future drones to be put on the market within the EASA open category.

The work will include:

1) Project preparation;

2) Determination of the collision envelope;

3) Development and Validation of threat models;

4) Development and validation of models of local targets;

5) Development and Validation of collision models and synthesis report on vulnerability of manned aircraft;

6) Study the effect of collision of batteries;

7) Design and development of the ‘collision tool’;

8) Analysis and determination of design strategies for UA with low damage-inflicting potential in case of collision;

9) Recommendation for design strategies and determination of design standards and/or test standards.

Value of the contract, excluding VAT, is EUR 1.8 million and the deadline for receipts of tenders is 17 December 2019/

Tender reference number: EASA.2019.HVP.09

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