Uspace4UAM drones deliver public services in urban environments during Polish demonstration day

The SESAR European Uspace4UAM research project completed a demonstration day in Poland at the end of August 2022.  The project is developing a technological framework for the save and secure integration of drones in European U-space. Partners carried out three successful demonstration scenarios using drones in public services in cities:

  • to provide emergency services with aerial monitoring from accident sites,
  • to take a series of ortho-and photogrammetric photos for the needs of public institutions,
  • to transport AED defibrillators.

The main element of the demonstration was the safe integration within the U-Space Service Provider architecture designed by Altitude Angel, one of the Uspace4UAM consortium members, enabling economically viable commercial drone operations by helping the operator in flight planning, automating flight approval process and supervising ongoing flights. The project is implemented in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Spain and the UK.

Dronehub operates flights in Poland under the Uspace4UAM project using its ground infrastructure, or ‘Drone in the box solution’.

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