SAIC, DroneShield joint counter drone solution among three selected by US defence department

The US Department of Defense’s Joint Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office (JCO) has selected the joint solution for Counter-UAS as a Service (CaaS) from Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and DroneShield. The JCO formalized its recommendation of three approved solutions after thorough evaluation at Yuma Proving Ground earlier this year.

According to a company press release, the SAIC team, “developed and demonstrated a robust SoS (System of Systems) architecture, with layered sensors and effectors to cover long range to mobile to last-line-of defense,” the JCO recommendation stated. The multi-layered and comprehensive solution presented by the SAIC team leveraged several of DroneShield’s dismounted, mobile, and fixed-site detection sensors and electronic countermeasures.
The JCO was established in 2019, as the US DoD’s Executive Agent office for all C-UAS activities. This recommendation follows the recent USD $1.2 million DroneGun MKIII acquisition by the U.S. DoD in September 2022.

Matt McCrann, DroneShield US CEO, commented, “We are pleased to complement the overall SAIC solution with key components for both extended-range detection and defeat. We look forward to supporting this partnership and further expansion of critical Counter-UAS capabilities across the services.”

(Image: DroneShield DroneSentry system including RfOne detection sensors and DroneCannon defeat devices)

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