Ultralytics turns to deep neural networks to assist object detection and tracking

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is behind new software designed to detect and track a wide range of objects. The Neural Autonomous Navigation Observer (NANO) solution is a set of very small deep neural networks (DNN) for drone use, to date detecting simple objects in low resolution.

Ultralytics’ YOLOv8 is designed to be accurate and easy to use for a wide range of object detection and tracking, instance segmentation, image classification and pose estimation tasks, says the company. Integrations with leading AI platforms extend the functionality of Ultralytics’ offerings, enhancing tasks like dataset labeling, training, visualization, and model management. Enterprise license is designed for commercial use, permitting seamless integration of Ultralytics software and AI models into commercial goods and services, bypassing the open-source requirements of AGPL-3.0.

Enterprise license requests: Ultralytics Licensing

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