Ukraine “takes delivery of at least one Rheinmetall Skynex air defence system”

The German government announced another military aid package for Ukraine on 4 January, including delivery of at least one Rheinmetall Skynex air defence system.

Intended to provide short-range (3-4km) response to low-altitude threats, including manned aircraft, helicopters and drones, Skynex incorporates the 35mm Revolver Gun Mk3, capable of firing Advanced Hit Efficiency and Destruction (AHEAD) airburst ammunition at rates of up to 1,000 rpm. Also integrated to the system are an advanced X-TAR3D target acquisition radar with an effective detection range of around 50km, which provides 3D target-tracking data for up to four gun turrets.

Skynex will certainly enhance Ukraine’s tactical short-range counter-UAS capability, though a single system will have only a marginal strategic effect.

Rheinmetall announced in December it was upgrading Romanian Oerlikon-based air defence artillery to the Skynet air defence solution configuration, under a €328 million contract. (See UA post here).

For more information: Military support for Ukraine | Federal Government (

(Image: The Revolver Gun Mk3 lies at the heart of the Rheinmetall/Oerlikon Skynex short-range air defence solution. Credit: Rheinmetall)

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