Skyroads partners with Urban Movement Labs to advance intelligent air mobility

Skyroads, a company developing intelligent systems to scale advanced air mobility safely and efficiently, announced its partnership with Urban Movement Labs (UML), a third space to rapidly deploy and scale data-informed, community-driven and tech-enabled mobility solutions, according to a Skyroads press release.

Skyroads joins the growing Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Partnership led by UML to ensure aviation technology is incorporporated into urban mobility networks in an equitable, safe, and sustainable way. The partnership looks to build on the work accomplished in its first year, focused on engaging community, government, and industry stakeholders to ensure a collaborative approach to UAM.

Via this partnership, Skyroads will engage in a collaboration with the city, several leading UAM operators, OEMs, and other regulators to evaluate potential applications of its Automated Airspace Management and Vehicle Guidance Systems in Los Angeles. This technology is an essential communication layer for all users of UAM airspace, and it is therefore critical to involve stakeholders at the earliest stage of development. The outcomes will build upon similar testing and deployment already underway in Munich, Germany.

Skyroads has developed a new decentralized networking system for intelligent infrastructure required to manage air traffic safely and efficiently in busy airspace. This technology integrates the safe operations of the next generation of aircraft, such as drones and electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles within urban airspace, as described in their comprehensive whitepaper, “A Roadmap for Flight Automation in Advanced Air Mobility.”

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