SkyGrid expands its UTM platform with weather data provided by ClimaCell

SkyGrid, a Boeing SparkCognition company, has added weather data supplied by ClimaCell to its Unmanned Air Traffic Management (UTM) software. The company’s aerial operating system is designed to enable the next generation of autonomous aviation, powered by AI and blockchain technology. Weather is one of multiple layers of available data including aircraft traffic, airspace classes, flight restrictions, obstacle data and population density. Data layers supported by SkyGrid now include:

  • Global weather updates: Wind speed, precipitation type and intensity, temperature, visibility, dew point, cloud cover, air quality, pressure, and more.
  • Hyper-local weather: Minute-by-minute hyper-local weather data, including precipitation, wind, lightning, and air quality.
  • Weather forecasts: Global weather forecasts, including precipitation, lightning, flooding, fire index, and more.
  • Live flight data: Global flight information in near real-time, including aircraft positions, planned routes, status information, and more.
  • Advanced NOTAMs: Global flight restrictions and navigation warnings, enhanced to show full NOTAM lifecycle and coordinates.
  • Live roadway traffic: Near real-time roadway traffic to provide ground awareness during flight.

In the coming months, SkyGrid plans to add more advanced data feeds to its system, including drone performance data. Amir Husain, CEO and founder of SkyGrid said: “Safety and security are our top priorities as millions of autonomous vehicles begin to take flight in the global airspace. That’s why we’re fueling our system with advanced data sources and using AI-driven predictive analytics to take the guesswork out of planning the safest routes.”

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