SGS, ADLC and BASF Antwerp join forces in SAMPLIFY project to deliver sustainable drone services

Partners SGS, ADLC and BASF Antwerp have launched an innovative a drone transport service for (petro)chemical analysis samples in the Port of Antwerp called Samplifly. With this project, drone operator ADLC is performing the drone flights for Samplifly which aims to develop sustainable SGS testing and inspection services. The project has added value in terms of efficiency for BASF Antwerp, which continuously strives to improve its production and service processes.

According to the press release, (Petro)chemical analysis samples from ships are currently transported to laboratories for further analysis by road. This is very time-consuming and creates significant CO2 emissions. By transporting these analysis samples by air with drones, the three partners are collaborating on a sustainable solution. Air transport reduces CO2 emissions by as much as 80% and is up to 4x faster. This involves drone flights over longer distances (25 to 50km) and is fully computer-controlled from a control room, out of the pilot’s field of vision.

The collaboration of the three parties makes it possible to meet the complex technical and regulatory challenges of the Samplifly project. The partnership combines ADLC’s drone expertise, SGS’s expertise in testing, inspections, handling of dangerous products and emergency response activities, and the importance BASF Antwerp attaches to safe transport of its samples. This form of logistical drone flights for hazardous products in an industrial environment is a first in Europe. The flights are subject to the strictest safety requirements imposed by (inter)national aviation regulations.

The partners have carried out successful preliminary BVLOS test flights (beyond visual line of sight) on BASF premises in the port of Antwerp with the aim of building on sustainable, safe and efficient transport of (petro)chemical analysis samples in the coming months.

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